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Gabrielle Russell

Our Founder and Principal Consultant Gabrielle Russell has over 30 years experience in children’s services, dealing with sleep disruptions, feeding and behavioral issues in baby’s, toddlers and young children.

Gabrielle is a trained Mothercraft Nurse, also holds an Advanced Diploma in Community Services in Child and Family Studies and a Post Graduate degree in Post Natal and Neo-Natal Care. Due to her own personal experience Gabrielle has dedicated many years as a Counselor for Sands (Stillborn and Neo Natal Death Syndrome).

Gabrielle has studied in total of 10 years and has worked in Private Mother Baby Units within the Hospital Sector, Public Sleep Schools and in the Early Childhood Industry with a focus on sleeping habits of children from newborn to primary school age.

She understands the frustration and desperation that most parents feel when trying to deal with a baby not sleeping, giving her great empathy and understanding.

As a Child Professional, a mother of two and a Grandmother, she identified a staggering need to help parents overcome sleep disruptions in baby’s and children, and provides effective support services and education to parents in their home environment.

As one grateful parent wrote ‘…How appropriate that you share your name with an angel…. you saved our sanity and probably our marriage …’ 7 (T&N)

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As a busy mother of two and grandmother of a young child, I know how rewarding and challenging the early years of parenthood can be. It’s such a steep learning curve, and change is the one constant you can be sure of! The first few years bring so many changes, particularly to sleep patterns and routines for the entire family!

I know from my personal and professional experience that if you are equipped with the right practical support, education and advice, you will be able to confidently manage whatever challenges arise and this needs not be a daunting or frustrating time.

Over the past 30 years I have had the pleasure of working exclusively with children and have been able to develop simple, effective and successful techniques for teaching children to settle and sleep.

I also worked for many years in the Sleep School environment within the Private and Public Hospital sector and at this time I realised there was a genuine need for parents to be able to learn settling techniques and address sleep issues within their home environment, and so Sleep Rescue commenced operation in 2000.

I believe it is important to deliver a specialised and a value for money service that provides the care and support that is required both before and after the arrival of a baby.

Since 2000, I have had the pleasure of working with thousands of families both within Australia and Internationally, and have seen the many benefits that are achieved with effective routines and sleep patterns. As a mother, I have personally experienced many of the challenges my clients are facing, giving me great empathy and understanding.

Most importantly, there is no sleep problem that we are unable to address and resolve. It takes persistence and consistency, yet remarkably little time to see positive results and ultimately permanent changes. Whether you have one baby, multiples, or children of different ages, we have the experience and proven techniques to help you achieve happy, sound sleepers.

As one grateful parent wrote ‘…How appropriate that you share your name with an angel…. you saved our sanity and probably our marriage …’ 7 (T&N)

About Sleep Rescue

Founder, Director, and Mother of two, Gabrielle Russell established sleep Rescue in 2000. Sleep Rescue has, just as the name implies, rescued thousands of parents and families throughout Australia and afield as Sweden, UK, and USA.

Identification followed by the design, development and highly personalized delivery of a much needed Pre and Post Natal Service to educate parents in baby and child dynamics and provision of ongoing support, has been the saviour of many sleep deprived parents over the past decade.

Sleep Rescue has a strong and extensive referral network within the Medical, Hospital, Allied Health Services and selected Health Fund Services. This has allowed effective provision of much needed and affordable support services to parents and close collaboration with Doctors and Medical Specialists.

Due to the strong public demand from concerned parents and parents-to-be, frustrated at not being able to access information, let alone education, founder Gabrielle Russell, decided to expand the support services portfolio through our Parent Rescue Division, being formed to deliver a range of essential, yet very affordable, educational tools and programs for positive parenting. Our programs are designed to assist parents and inspire confidence, prior to their baby’s arrival and in your home immediately after hospital discharge.

Sleep Rescue provides various programs, which consist of Pre-Natal Education, Post Natal Stay- after hospital discharge, Day Consultations, Overnight Stays, Extended Overnight Stays, Video Conferences and Telephone Consultations.