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Sleep Rescue saved us. When we took our baby Olivia home we figured that she would adapt to our lifestyle. At 5 months into parenthood we hit crises point. We had a healthy happy little girl that didn’t know what a good sleep was and either did her parents.

The more sleep deprived the less we were able to cope with a baby and the life changes that came with it. We needed help a friend from mother’s group recommended Sleep Rescue, it had helped them greatly with their baby boy they were able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Gabrielle came over and showed us how to settle Olivia in her our own home environment. It took a few days for the new pattern to work but then there was sleep, routine and peace. Soon the sleep deprivation faded and we could start to enjoy parenthood, which we had struggled with and see the happiness a baby could bring.

Thank you Sleep Rescue.

– James and Jacqui

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