Holiday Time Is Approaching!


Will A Holiday Disrupt My Baby’s Routine?

If you have established a routine for your baby, they may find the disruption of a holiday hard to cope with at first. It will take them a little while to adjust to eating, sleeping and playing somewhere different.

Being in the same time zone will help, as it will be easier to keep to your baby’s normal nap and feeding times. But if your holiday involves lots of activities he’s not used to and long days,it may be difficult to settle your baby.

These tips can help you settle your baby when you’re away from home:

• If your baby wakes when the sun rises, pack a travel black out blind.
• Another option Kitchen Foil on the window in case his room doesn’t have thick curtains or shutters.
• Take your baby’s sheet and blanket so that his sleeping place smells like home.
• Take along a few of his favourite toys and books.

Rest assured that once you return home, your baby should settle back into his normal routine within a few days.

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