4 – 6 Months

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From four months of age your baby is making some huge changes in terms of their development and routine. Your child is strongly influenced by the environment, daily activities, and routines.

They become more aware of their environment, they are beginning to be involved in many fun activities, as your child develops new skills such as exploring their world. They will engage with you and their toys in a more interactive way while developing a good memory.

Baby’s still remain in the Feed Play Sleep Routine throughout the daytime. As your baby gets older, day playtime increases and your routine will become more predictable. Time spent playing with and talking to your baby is very important for their development.

Bedtime is likely to go more smoothly if you keep the rest of your baby’s daily routine consistent. Other factors that may contribute and affect your baby’s routine are illness, disruption to the family environment and all day outings.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Sleep Issues can Sleep Rescue Help with?

  • Establishing an age appropriate routine for your baby
  • Feeding Issues
  • Recognizing tired signs
  • Short naps during the day- lasting 45 minutes or less
  • Bedtime and naptime issues
  • Waking frequently overnight less than 4 hourly.
  • Transitioning your baby from parents room to baby’s own room
  • Transitioning your baby from a cradle to a cot
  • Teaching your baby to learn how to self-settle

What are your qualifications?

Our Director Gabrielle Russell is a trained Mothercraft Nurse, also holds a Diploma of Community Services in Early Childhood and a Post Graduate degree in Post Natal and Neo-Natal Care. Gabrielle has studied in total of 10 years and has 30 years experience in Private Mother Baby Units within the hospital sector, Public Sleep Schools and in the early childhood industry with a focus on sleeping habits of children from newborn to primary school age.

What sets you apart from other Sleep Consultants?

Gabrielle and her staff hold Australian Nursing Association recognized qualifications and Sleep Rescue is well known in the industry and has made guest appearances on the Morning Show, The Project, Current Affair and Chanel 9 news. Sleep Rescue was the first In-Home consultation service established in Victoria and Gabrielle Russell is one of the leading Sleep Consultants in Australia and is often asked for her opinion on new research and newspaper articles.

Unfortunately Private Sleep Consultants are not regulated in Australia at present and there are many consultants in the industry that market themselves as Child Sleep experts after completing various International short online courses. These courses are not recognized by the Australian standard Nursing Associations. Gabrielle Russell uses her extensive training and many years of experience as a Mothercraft Nurse, Educator, Parent and Grandparent to achieve results for you and your family.

What is the right age to seek advice with sleep concerns?

The right age to seek advice is when you are having an issue and you feel that the time is right for you and your family to get some help. At Sleep Rescue we believe that a baby in this age group is strongly influenced by the environment, daily activities and to help your baby establish a positive sleep pattern. The earlier you implement an age appropriate routine, your baby is more likely to transition smoothly through other developmental stages and it will be less likely that you will have sleep issues as your baby gets older.

What Location does Sleep Rescue Service?

We come to you anywhere within the metropolitan area of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and provide support where it is needed most, in the home. For those families not located in our service area we offer On-line Video Conference or our Telephone Consultation Packages so our pattern approach can be used in your home. Our team will help you to break the sleeplessness cycle, by looking at all the issues that contribute to your baby not settling.

Which consult would you recommend?

In this age group I would recommend our personalized day consultation, we can offer a three hours home consult or an extended six hour day consult. To cater for the individual family we can offer a extended overnight stay, on this package we will remain with you for the morning sleep. If you are outside our serviced area, we have a Telephone or our On-Line Video Conference Consultation available. At these consults we will discuss your concerns regarding your baby’s sleep or feeding issues.

How many consultations will I require?

Most of our clients only require one in home consultation to establish a positive routine. After the consultation we provide you with the knowledge and confidence to implement your new strategies we have developed together in your individual family care plan.

How does the Sleep Rescue Consultation process work?

After receiving your enquiry, Sleep Rescue will contact you to discuss your concerns and will recommend you to the most appropriate service to address the difficulties that your baby and your family are experiencing.

Sleep Rescue will organize a suitable time for your consultation after confirmation of your booking we will direct you to our questionnaire this will enable us to obtain further background information on your baby, your family and your situation. The questionnaire will be required to be returned prior to your consultation.

When we conduct your Consultation either In-Home, On-line Video Conference or our Telephone Consultation, all our packages include our Child Settling Book, our popular white noise track, a formulated individual detail family care plan and our ongoing support throughout early childhood.

Read more for further details on our process.

How much sleep does my baby require?

Many parents are surprised to learn that babies need between 12 and 18 hours sleep per day, depending on the age of your child. A baby in this age group requires between 15 and 17 hours per day.

How many naps should my baby be taking during the day?

It depends on the age of your baby, every baby is different, and in this age group your baby should be taking three naps during the day.

When can a baby sleep through the night?

Every baby is unique if your baby is physically healthy you may find that eleven hours of solid night time sleep maybe achievable at around five months. Most babies are developmentally ready to sleep through the night from around six months of age.

Sleep Rescue recommends that you confirm with your Pediatrician or your General Practitioner that your child is following the appropriate growth pathway and are ready to implement positive sleep strategies.

What methods of sleep training techniques does Sleep Rescue implement?

At Sleep Rescue we treat each family as an individual and believe that all families sleep issues and requirements are unique. We adjust our Sleep Consults to cater for the individual family and provide solutions that both parents are comfortable with implementing.

Does Sleep Rescue use the cry it out method, controlled crying or any other variations?

At Sleep Rescue we believe that in the early days our bonding stage with our newborns, we encourage you to establish a Feed Play and Sleep pattern that provides you with an opportunity to interact with your baby. We will help you understand the benefits of different strategies and together we will formulate an individual plan that we will help you implement based on your family’s needs.

We do not implement any of the above strategies in this age group we feel that it is important for parents to provide your baby with reassurance and support to help them settle. It is impossible to guarantee that your baby will not shed any tears with any methods that you decide to implement, as this is how babies communicate.

If anyone claims otherwise they are not being totally honest, at Sleep Rescue we aim to offer you a service that will benefit both the baby and the family to achieve positive outcomes. We will never pressure you to do anything that you are not comfortable with but at the end of the day we want to help you achieve your goals.

Will I receive ongoing support?

At Sleep Rescue we believe in supporting our families, with our home consultations we provide you with free ongoing support throughout early childhood either through emails or our 24 hour phone support.

Speak to Gabrielle Directly on 0428 439 136 or email me

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